Prof. George Sinclair

An elitist Professor of Archaeology and Natural History


Age 35

STR 13, DEX 15, INT 14, CON 14, APP 13, POW 16, SIZ 12, EDU 18

IDEA 70, Luck 80, Know 90

80 Sanity, 16 MP, 13 HP

Trained Skills: Archaeology 90, Bargain 52, Drive Auto 35, Library Use 85, Natural History 85, Occult 60, Latin 55, English 90, Persuade 50, Spot Hidden 60, Rifle 60

Weapons: Basic Melee, Cane 25, .303 Lee-Enfield 60, Elephant Gun 50, .32 20

$10,000 yearly income, $5,000 cash on hand, $5,000 in the bank. Another $20,000 worth of rare books and art at the ancestral Sinclair Mansion in Upstate New York.


The Professor comes from old Northern money. His parents are long dead—so the extensive, moldering farm is his own. The elite Sinclair upbringing has made George an arrogant, racist, sexist man. He detests family and students. A longtime struggle with depression has fostered in George an interest in the darker aspects of life.

He is a tall, thin, physically unimposing, spectacled, hawkish man.

Prof. George Sinclair

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